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Aged 16, I left school with very few qualifications. After a year in college, I acquired my first job and worked for the same organisation for 24 years.  This led to being stuck in the comfort zone, hating the commute to work, counting down to Friday and living for the weekend. In 2015, aged 40, I quit my secure, well-paid job, after making the difficult decision to pursue my dream of working remotely while travelling the world.

When I stepped off the plane in Bangkok, Thailand, I had no idea what the future held for me, and my head was full of self-doubt. Travelling to SE Asia for the first time was intimidating: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. The ABBA fanatic taxi driver on the 8-hour journey to Lake Toba, the prison cell-sized hotel room in Singapore, with no windows that smelt like someone had died there.


After spending many years, staring out of the office window wishing to be somewhere else, freedom and independence was my newfound focus. It took me two years of clearing debt, saving money and making sacrifices to get the stage where it felt comfortable enough to quit my job. Five years on, the dream continues: I am now living in a new place for 30-90 days and working remotely.

It’s possible, you can do this too.

Meet Darren
Meet Darren


Working remotely has been an interesting experience, dealing with challenges,  learning more about myself and the world that we live in.

My background is in Quality Assurance on SAAS products, within various industries, but being multi-skilled has allowed me to freelance for brands within the tourism industry, offering services from social media management, writing, and building websites.

One of my other passions is building communities, and it’s one of the reasons why my new focus is building this website into a comprehensive community for people who want to create freedom in their life while working remotely.


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