It’s important that I am fully transparent with my audience, so you need to be aware that I will discuss a variety of different products, services and companies on this website, and sometimes an affiliate link will be used. 

This means that if you click on that link, and purchase a product or service, I will be paid a small commission, however your cost will be the same.

 Naturally, there is a question of am I promoting this product or service just to make money, or, am I recommending it because it’s in the best interest of my readers?

My goal is to help people become successful remote workers, so I will not recommend unless I have:

  1. Used the service or product personally, it’s only fair.
  2. Thoroughly researched the product or service, gaining feedback from others.

 You will understand that I give a lot of information away for free because I want to help you, but this is a real job for me, and affiliate links are one of the ways I get paid for my work. It’s very important to me that people trust my content, which is why this disclaimer exists.