Starting out as a freelancer can be challenging and one of the initial hurdles to jump over, will be finding your first freelance client. It’s totally doable though.

It’s important that you are the type of person that likes to take action because clients are not going to come directly to you when you’re starting out.  You’ll need actively seek opportunities and open up new doors to get noticed.

If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort though you will be successful at freelancing. It’s important that you do not quit your office job until you have a good number of active clients to work with and you’re bringing in regular income.

In the Remote Hive Podcast, you will learn how to find your first freelance client.

How to Find Your First Freelance Client
  • How to find out how much to charge freelance clients
  • Where to create content to showcase your skills 
  • How and where to network to build relationships with clients 
  • How to reach out to potential clients 
  • Why building your own client base is important
  • Getting started with freelancing with beginner tips 

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LinkedIn – Best place to showcase your skills and network with potential clients.
Twitter – Another good place to network with businesses.
Upwork – Popular freelance platform to bid for projects
People Per Hour – Another freelance platform for client work
WordPress – Build your website using themes and plugins


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