Millions of people from around the world will soon be working from home for the first time, due to the spread of Covid 19 (also known as CoronaVirus).

Having worked from home and remotely for over five years, it was important for me to share some of the challenges and tasks that you might want to address. Working remotely isn’t as simple as taking a laptop home and connecting to the internet. There’s a huge mindset change that needs to happen.

Hopefully, your employer will have a work from home policy or a process to help employees transition into remote workers. It’s also hoped that employers are flexible, trusting and embrace this style of working.

In this episode of the Remote Hive podcast, you will learn my 10 tips to working from home due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Work from home
  • Have a backup for internet connection
  • Create your own office space to focus on work
  • Avoid distractions where possible
  • Get into a work routine quickly 
  • Disconnect from work when needed 
  • Use a VPN to secure data and privacy
  • Take regular breaks and exercise
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Communicate with others
  • Use a time tracker
  • Backup all files and documents 

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World Health Organisation – WHO advice on Coronavirus
Harvest – Task management and invoice production
Trello – Day-to-Day task management for projects
Zoom – Client communication including video conferencing.
Dropbox – File management with clients.
Google Office – Share documents and spreadsheets with your clients.
Toggl – Time tracker to keep track of work completed.


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